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On Bakkegaard, you will eat good food from Møn, preferably from organic suppliers

Breakfast may contain:

Good white and rye bread, mild and strong cheese, smoked ham from Møn, lamb cold cuts from nearby Lundebjerg farm, beef cold cuts from our own livestock, vegetables, fresh fruit, marmalade and jam, dark and light chocolate slabs, juice, milk and yoghurt with oats, corn flakes, raisins and roasted grains. Freshly ground coffee and a selection of teas.

kok i arbejde

We take care to provide you with good and tasty food from Møn. Enjoy your meals in our comfortable dining room with panoramic views of the Baltic Sea. Dinner is available Friday and Saturday, except in the period from 1 July to 15 August. Groups may also order dinner on other days of the week.

Remember to order dinner well in advance, as we only serve dinner by order.

Organic ready meals

On those days where we do not serve dinner, we provide ready meals from Halkær Ådal which you can prepare in our microwave ovens, at your own convenience. Halkær Ådal provide regular food for regular people. All their ingredients are from local providers in the Løgstør area.

Sweets and beverages

Our sweets, chocolates, beers and juices are mostly from local providers. We also have a good selection of organic champagne, white and red wines. We also offer a choice of spirits.

Please do not consume your own beverages in our courtyard, dining room and common rooms.

 Please don't bring your own beverages: in the courtyard, dining room, living rooms and TV room






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